Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Take 2

So, around 2 years ago I started a little blog I called Gods own Scale.

This was to discuss the many and varied projects that I had planned to do in 6mm scale, which I do believe is the ideal wargaming scale for large historical gaming. Contentious maybe but if you hang around then maybe you will see the light too.

There are many people who agree with me. And a whole boat load of people who disagree, some quite strongly. I will go into more details on my philosophy on gaming in more detail at a later stage. But, as I said, 2 years ago a blog started. And quite happy I was too, plodding along charting my progress in various periods. Then I was hit by the death of my mum and wargaming took a back seat for some time. When the mojo finally returned it was to other pastures.

This is probably a familiar story to many. Life events happen to us all as time goes by. Work, kids, relationships. Most of us encounter these at some point enough to invade hobby time.

Hobby mojo comes and goes. Enthusiasm for projects wax and wane, influenced by books read, films seen, blogs viewed, in fact from any number of sources. I've planned whole projects out before breakfast only to change my mind by lunch time. I think fickle is the word. These ideas don't always disappear forever. They sometimes just wander off (usually to the loft) to patiently await their moment in the limelight.

So enough ramble. Back then I dreamed up a small scale project heavily influenced by the Baccus series of demo games refighting great battles of history in under an hour. So far they have done Leipzig, Gettysburg and the retreat from Moscow. My own project was Blenheim Blitz.

Well, I've dug out all the research I had done and the figures I had started and I am keen to see if I can get this thing going again. Its Partizan at the weekend so a perfect chance to stock up on some supplies. As per usual other ideas are already forming with catchy titles such as:

Marston Moor (or less)
Guagamela a go go
Sharpe (ish) Waterloo
Towton Twostep
ZULU! (not very catchy...)

But as it stands they will be just thoughts and ideas for now. Blenheim is such a fascinating battle and hugely iconic. I would love to get this done for the Derby show and put it on there as a public participation game in the same vein as the Baccus displays.

Of course, thats pending Real Life(tm) getting in the way.

These are some French infantry to show I did actually put brush to figure 2 years ago. They are based now and have several friends to stand next to them. I will look to add photo reports of my progress in due course.

More soon...


  1. Good to see you back Sean, looking forward to reading more.

  2. Glad your back and sorry for your loss.

    May well be at Partizan this weekend, no doubt hassling Peter ;-)


  3. Thanks guys. We all hit these moments in it life but there are always good times ahead to look forward to. Colour me tres excited!