Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blenheim Blitz Mock Up

I have spent today creating a mock up of how Blenheim Blitz will look and to enable me to commence play testing. It is scaled down using 3" squares as opposed to the 6" squares the full version will use. The board is 27" x 18".  The counters are 3cm x 1.5cm scaled down from the full size 6cm x 3cm bases. This means I can see how the whole thing will fit together. Now I've cut the counters out and laid them out, I'm wondering if my order of battle is too large for the table size. There is little room for manoeuvring and I haven't put any guns on the board.

I will use the Leipzig lite/Gettysburg at a Gallop rules and play out a few turns to see how they work and make a few notes. The advantage is that I can get the rules sorted out without having the need to rush and paint up two armies. I'd like to get the balance of the figures at Phalanx but now I am thinking i need to nail down just how big the armies are going to be.

I found this beautiful map of the battle at the Obscure Battle website. Lots of useful information on there and I am sure I will be returning to it on a frequent basis other the next few weeks.

In hobby news, I have now sorted out my paint collection. I have 324 pots of paint from the likes of Vallejo, Coat D'Arms and GW plus a few others. I have ordered some paint racks inspired by Dr Mikes set up and I have splashed out on some Rosemary and Co brushes. There is nothing more frustrating than spending more time looking for a particular paint than you do actually applying that paint to a figure - which is even easier to do in 6mm. So I am hoping my organisational skills will benefit my output and encourage me to actually sit down and get some stuff done on a more frequent basis.

More soon...

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