Monday, 2 June 2014

Bucket List

During my chat with Dr Mike at Partizan, the subject of the ratio of figures in the unpainted pile compared to expected life expectancy came up. In other words do you have more figures in your pile than you can reasonably expect to paint in whatever time you left on this mortal coil.

Prior to recent purges of stock levels I was coming to doubt this. I suspect I have something along the lines of 18 projects of one form or another in 15mm alone. Ridiculous that I spent money on figures wi a view to gaming with them and then hiding them away in a cupboard as my mind wondered away onto something else.  I also play golf to a relatively decent standard (6 handicap). In my time I have spent a lot of money on golf equipment. But one thing I have never seen a golfer do is buy a load of new equipment and then leave it in the garage untouched for years. So what is it with wargamers that we attend shows or browse the internet and then throw a load of money at a project only to have it gather dust atop the infamous 'lead' pile we all seem to accumulate.

 I am currently going through a cull of mainly painted figures. The latest sale was a large 15mm ECW collection. I have played maybe 6 games with it in 6 years. Having said that I have lived in my current house for three and a half years during which time the figures have lived in a cabinet in my garage. Unloved and I played with. Barely looked at even. So in a new spirit of frugality I have decided that if I am to undertake any new project I shall fund it through the sale of figures that have seen now use in recent memory. I have never had much of a sentimental attachment to my figures anyway and firmly place myself in the gamer camp as opposed to hobbyist/painter  camp. So funds are available.

 I would like to be financially in the black for the rest of the year. I suspect I am close to it now after several profitable sales already. I more planned but certainly I will be able to fund Blenheim Blitz plus another project or two. One thing I do aim to do is to concentrate on Belnheim. I have figures for other areas of business but they are more as painting type projects for the time being until they evolve into something more. You may see a link to a blog called The Boiling Point of Eric Jenkins over to the right. This is my fantasy/sci if blog with a heavy emphasis on Warmachine and Malifaux at the moment so there will be little time to look at other historical projects for the remainder of this year at least.

So the title of this post is Bucket List. I intend to only look at projects that can be completed within a reasonable amount of time in the future. Having said that there are periods and certain battles that I do want to play at some point. My Bucket List then for now (subject to change) looks something like this:

1. Naseby and/or Marston Moor.

Maybe as a Reduced Battle or using something like Polemos. One or the other will be done sooner rather than later.

2. Seven Years War.

I've never played this period and have little knowledge of the it but can see me doing it at some point.

3. Passchendale

I have walked the Flanders Fields many times and Tyne Cot is a beautiful place. I would love to recreate an attack up the slopes towards the pill boxes that remain in Tyne Cot cemetary. Another 3 years for the centenary so some time to contemplate this one.

4. Ancients

Mons Graupius from the SPQR rule book intrigues me. At Large scale this would look spectacular on the table.

5. Colonials

Maybe Zulu, maybe Sudan but on a large scale ala the MAD wargamers Isandlhwhana.

This is subject to change. Maybe as soon as tomorrow! We wargamers are nothing if not fickle.

My mantra for now though is discipline. Blenheim will be at a show in the autumn. Hopefully Derby work permitting. This week will see the order do battle finalised to enable me to buy the balance of the figures to get painting. I will be building a mock up of the table too hopefully next weekend so there ought to be some tangible progress to report on as opposed to rhetoric and hyperbole.

More soon...

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