Monday 28 December 2020

The Analogue Hobby Painting Challenge XI

 The below is my first entry in the Analogue Hobby Painting Challenge. I've copied the post from that blog here for your conviniance.

Hi, this is Sean from the God's Own Scale Podcast.

Below is my  first entry in to the Analogue Hobby Painting Challenge run by Curt Campbell. This coming year I intend to blog a bit more, mainly to catalogue all of my painting for 2021. The AHPC is a great place to start that, even though I wont count these figures as they were painted this year! To save my typing out the whole thing again I've copied most of my post here.

'Tis is my first year on the AHPC. I have followed it for many years but for some reason or other not got involved. Probably because I procrastinate far more than I paint. But also because my painting ability is fairly basic. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy with it but it's never going to win any prizes.

It will be no suprise that as the host of the third most popular historical wargaming podcast dedicated to 6mm miniatures, my first entry is...6mm miniatures. I am nearing the end of my Antietam project using the Altar of Freedom rules and the scenario therein. For the most part I have used Baccus Miniatures, though there are a few Rapier in there plus some Adler, mainly for the generals.

My plan for the next 3 months is to finish the Antietam project then look at my Charlie Don't Surf project using 10mm Pendraken figures. They remain in the cupboard, untouched since purchase over the summer. I have a company of U.S. grunts plus a company of VC for them to go up against.

I also have a couple of other projects in 6mm. Actually several. First of all are my First World War projects. I am using Great War Spearhead for these. Mons is up first. This is nearly done. Just buildings and scenery to finalise. Then it's onto my demonstration game for the Joy of Six 2021 show, on 4th July. I'm crossing everything that this show will go ahead. The game will be the GWSH scenario for the Thiepval sector of the first day of the Somme. I have nearly all of the figures purchased. I have several feet of latex trench from Timecast. And I have several ideas about how to build the table. 

Ontop of that I have plans for the beginnings of my foray into 6mm AWI. I have the Continental army for Guildford Court House using Rus de Guerre. Also I have figures for a planned 6mm Rorkes Drift.

...and I have a metric ton of 28mm Mantic Games figures. For the purposes of the challenge I have the figures for the Hellboy boardgame plus some for the Walking Dead. So lots to go at.

Anyway, here is my first entry into the #AHPCXI. The first picture is of the last untis for the Army of Northern Virginia for Antietam. I now have 36 Confederate brigades and 12 batteries plus 3 brigades of cavalry done. These figures were painted between 25/12/20 and 28/12/20.

The totals are:
 224 x 6mm infantry
 21 x 6mm cavalry

Total Points: 133 (300 target)

This is my General Thomas Jackson command stand. Mounted figures are from Adler. The standard bearer is from Rapier Minioatures.

An example of one of the infantry brigades. They are Law's brigade from Hood's division. They were made up of 2nd and 11th Mississippi, 4th Alabama  and 6th North Carolina. It suffered over 50% casualties at Antietam in fighting Hood's I Corps on the morning of 17th September. The unit here carries the Confederate battle flag. They are Baccus Miniatures. The fence is a resin print, kindly given to me by Aaron from Project Wargaming.

Another example pf one of my brigades. These are Hood's brigade, commanded by William Tatum Wofford from Hood's Divison. They carry the Texas flag as befitting a unit bearing Hood's name.

Okay, that's enough for now More soon. Play nice and keep talking about six!


  1. Lovely painting Sean, well done. And best of luck with the challenge!

  2. The command stand has a load of character, and I love the unit with the fence - fun work!

  3. Very nice. I have not seen Adler ACW before.

    Enjoyed the Christmas Podcast. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year

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