Sunday, 29 April 2018

Hammerhead 2018

I had a pleasant day out at Hammerhead yesterday. I picked up the new version of Polemos for the WSS. I seem to recall a while a go Peter saying that he was moving away from print for his rule sets and moving to using USB sticks. I have to say that I was a little disappointed in the quality of paper used for the book I bought. Whether these are short print runs on cheaper paper, I'm not sure. But the book doesn't open properly and feels cheap compared to other Polemos books that I have.

Also, the Blenheim scenario seems to be lacking in detail. There is a map and an order of battle with a description of the battle itself. But there are no scenario specific rules, no victory conditions and the map has no scale to it. It is gridded to look like a 6'x4' table but that seems a bit small for the amount of figures used. Oh, well, I am continuing to  ponder and contemplate how to do Blenheim Blitz, thoughts of which are occupying increasing amounts of my time!

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